Inventorying Your Contents: A Free Guide

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For those who have suffered damage from Hurricane Ian, your days are probably filled with stress and worry over your insurance claim and when you will be able to begin repairs on your home, which is your most significant investment.  While purchasing the right type and amount of coverage is essential, knowing the right steps to take both before and after a storm can help ensure you do not lose more than your deductible and recover what you are entitled to on your insurance claim.

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If you have suffered damage to your home from a fire, flood, or storms like Hurricane Michael, Sally, or Ian it is imperative that you inventory your belongings, collect all receipts, and take plenty of photos and video of your damage.  It can be far more difficult than you might think to remember all of the furniture, linens, dishes, artwork, books, clothes, rugs, and other belongings in your home that may have been damaged by the storm.  We want to help make sure you capture as much of your damage as possible, so you can recover to the fullest extent possible on your insurance claim. DOWNLOAD our free "After the Storm" guide for helpful tips on how to best prepare for a hurricane and how to best protect your rights if your home has been damaged by a fire, flood, or storm.

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