What If My Insurance Company Disputes a Contractor’s Estimate?

Unfortunately, after home or business owners suffer damage as a result of fire, flood, or storms like Hurricane Michael or Sally, many policyholders think as long as they only want what's fair from the insurance company, that is what they will get.  All too often the insurance company is actually working to pay as little as possible on the claim so they can keep your premiums in their shareholders' pockets.  As experienced insurance dispute attorneys who have been representing policyholders only, never insurance companies, for twenty-plus years we see this every day.  We have helped many victims from Hurricanes Opal, Ivan, Dennis, and Michael fight their insurance company when they tried to wrongfully deny their claim.  One of the ways they do this is by disputing the amount the contractor estimates it will cost to repair your home.  If you have suffered property damage and are dealing with an insurance company that is disputing your contractor's estimate, contact us  immediately for a free, no-cost, no-obligation case review.  If the insurance company is trying to withhold payment from you, we can help.

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