Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Hurricane Insurance Lawyer

If you're dealing with an insurance company that does not want to pay your Hurricane Michael or Sally claim in full, it is time to contact an experienced attorney who knows what to do and will do it swiftly.  At Taylor, Warren, Weidner & Hancock, we have been handling hurricane insurance claims in the Florida panhandle for twenty-five years, representing hurricane victims as far back as Hurricane Opal in 1995.  We believe homeowners deserve to be paid timely the full amount they are owed by the insurance company.  Period.  We fight and take insurance companies to trial.  Before you hire any attorney for your Hurricane Sally, or any, insurance claim, we encourage you to do your homework and ask around about the attorney's reputation in the community.  Here are three essential questions to ask, including our answers to each below:


1.  Where is your primary office located?

2.  When was the last time you handled a hurricane claim?  

3.  Will you be the attorney personally handling my hurricane claim?

hurricane claim handling experience

Our Answers

1. Where is your primary office located?

Our primary office is in Pensacola. We are your neighbors.  We live, work, and play here.  Having an attorney that understands the local community and the venue can be invaluable.  

2. When was the last time you handled a hurricane claim?

Our attorneys have regularly handled hurricane claims for decades.  We know the insurance company's playbook.  They even throw in a new trick or two as we've seen in the Hurricane Michael claims we've handled.  We deal with insurance disputes and the nuances of wind damage claims every day.  If the last hurricane claim an attorney handled was from Hurricane Ivan in 2004, a lot has changed.  Insurance law is constantly evolving as insurance companies find new ways to try to avoid paying claims in full and we adapt and find new ways to force their hand and make them pay what is fair.  

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3.  Will you be the attorney personally handling my hurricane claim?

Yes.  At Taylor, Warren, Weidner & Hancock, one of our four partners—Stephanie Taylor, Phillip Warren, Keith Weidner, or Brian Hancock—will be the attorney personally handling your hurricane case.  We enjoy helping people.  We believe that the relationship between an attorney and a client should be a personal one.  The attorney needs to be able to know his or her clients, listen to them, and understand their needs.  Some attorneys may feel that a law firm with dozens of attorneys and hundreds of personnel might sound like the right fit for them because they feel bigger is better.  We feel just the opposite.  Clients should never feel like a just a number or like their claim has been lost in the shuffle.  We may be small but we're mighty, and insurance companies know it.  We have the resources to go toe to toe with any insurance company.  Don't let our size fool you.  If you're the type of person who prefers a personalized experience, you should find out what your experience with the attorney will be like before hiring.  Read or watch our client reviews to learn what value we place on our client relationships and customer service.  

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