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Is Someone Else Responsible for Your Injury?

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As a personal injury victim, you may not know whether someone else is responsible for, meaning their insurance company is obligated to pay for, your injury. Don't let an insurance company make you feel like the accident is your fault. They will often try to benefit from making you feel like you were responsible so they can pay less on your claim. You may also be hesitant, if the accident occurred at a friend or acquaintance's property, or at work, to bring a lawsuit to recover your damages, but, in reality, you will be going up against the insurance company responsible for paying your claim, not your friend, neighbor or boss. That is the very reason people buy insurance and pay premiums—so their insurance company will pay for damages they cause if they get in a car accident or have a friend or employee suffer an injury on their premises. And policy-holders are often surprised to see how hard their own insurance company will go to deny a legitimate claim. You should always seek the advice of a personal injury attorney after you have been in an accident to see if you have rights and can recover your damages from an insurance company. At Taylor, Warren & Weidner, these are the common types of personal injuries we see and handle:

An injury suffered at someone else's home. This is the very reason most of us obtain homeowner's insurance, in case someone comes to our house and is unfortunately injured by some unforeseen danger. Maybe the property owner had a pipe protruding out of the ground that you tripped on? Maybe you fell through a rotting section of flooring and were injured? Maybe you were harmed by a faulty or defective piece of machinery or equipment on their property? Perhaps you were bitten by their dog? These are all scenarios we see often and it usually means there is a very good chance you can recover costs you incurred as a result of the accident from their homeowner's insurance company. These are all injuries that may have been caused due to someone else's negligence. You shouldn't suffer the burden of mounting medical expenses and costs when someone else's insurance company has a duty to cover your expenses, and they have collected premiums from the property owner for years for that very reason. At Taylor, Warren & Weidner, we never charge an initial cost or fee to simply sit down with you to explain your legal rights and determine whether you have a personal injury claim

An injury suffered at someone else's place of business. By inviting the public onto their property for profit, business owners have heightened safety standards and requirements to ensure their property is safe. If you were injured on a commercial property, you likely have a claim for damages against the business owner's insurance company. Do not let the insurance company make you feel like you should have or could have avoided the accident. Maybe you tripped on an improperly-marked curb while walking into a shop? You slipped on an unmarked spill in a grocery store? Or perhaps you were exposed to a hazardous chemical while at a gas station? The business owner's insurance company has every incentive to try and point the finger at you so they do not have to pay your medical expenses. The insurance company may try to gather photos, witness statements, maintenance records or an independent medical examination from you that the company believes supports their position that you are at fault so they do not have to pay your expenses. This is a wrongful denial of your legitimate insurance claim. You need an attorney skilled at navigating slips-and-falls and premises liability to fight the property owner's insurance company on your behalf.

Accidents that occur at work. Were you injured on the job? While worker's compensation will usually pay for medical expenses for injuries suffered while on the job, it may be possible that an additional third party is also at fault for your injuries. What if you were driving a defective forklift? Using a piece of heavy machinery that did not have adequate safety warnings? Operating a dangerous piece of equipment that did not have necessary guards in place? Any time you have been injured while on the job, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to ensure you pursue all possible sources and avenues of recovery of your expenses, including medical bills, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity and more.

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