• Stephanie Taylor

    “Everyday people should be on the same footing as any big corporation.”  — Stephanie Taylor

  • Phillip Warren

    Phillip devotes the same honor, courage, and commitment to his clients as he did in the USMC.

  • Keith Weidner

    Having served as a non-commissioned officer in the USMC, Keith never shies away from a challenge.  

  • Brian Hancock

    "Helping those harmed by the misconduct of others is why I practice law.”  — Brian Hancock

  • Scott C. Barnes

    Scott has represented members of our community in complex personal injury and litigation matters ...

  • Shelby Savage

    “I want to give a voice to those who cannot advocate for themselves.” — Shelby Savage

  • Blake A. Radford

    “Clients will always know I'm here to help carry their burden.” – Blake Radford

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