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Taylor Warren & Weidner supports local businesses in the Pensacola community

At Taylor, Warren & Weidner, we are committed to serving our community, through good works, charitable donations and sponsorships as well as personally serving in community events and fundraisers.  We are proud and humbled by the hard work so many of our fellow Pensacola community members devote to local schools, humane societies, and service organizations.  Our community teachers, directors, and leaders inspire us to continue our service efforts to make Pensacola a place we love to call home, and we are excited and proud to share these events and community growth with you!




Stephanie Taylor performs on the aerial silks at a community art fundraiser
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TWW Partners Stephanie Taylor and Keith Weidner have both served on the board for the First City Arts Center and Stephanie has performed aerial silks at the Center's “Hot Glass, Cold Brew” event where the Center offers glass blowing and pottery demonstrations, drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and a gallery exhibition, with ticket sale proceeds going toward the Center and its efforts to spread, share, and promote art among the community.  You can see more photos from Stephanie Taylor's performance at the recent May, 2018 Hot Glass, Cold Brew event here.

The First City Arts Center is a hands-on learning,  creation, and working art center that offers workshops in glassblowing, pottery, and sculpture for adults and kids.  You can learn more about the Center here.



Golden elite track and field team sponsored by Taylor, Warren & Weidner
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Golden elite track and field team sponsored by Taylor, Warren & Weidner

Golden Elite is a non-profit track and field club designed to empower our youth, help them to focus on positive results and improve their self-confidence and skills through training.  TWW, along with other generous sponsors have enabled these runners to travel and compete in meets all over the southeast and strive for potential scholarships, even the Junior Olympics.  Every donation goes a long way.  Join the Golden Elite sponsor team at


December, 2017

TWW pedals for a good cause!  Rescue paws!   We are so excited to be sponsoring Bike Pensacola's December Slow Ride that we've teamed up with the Mylo Foundation to use the event to bring attention to another great cause, the rescue and adoption of our local animals. TWW will be hosting a rescue pups Meet-and-Greet alongside our Slow Ride event on Saturday, December 2nd at our newly-completed Spearman Center.

UPDATE:  We had 274 bicyclists join us for this fun, festive event at the Spearman Center!  Many thanks to our local organizations and vendors who partnered with us to make this such an awesome holiday fundraiser: 

Bike Pensacola  

The Mylo Foundation

Chrisoula's Cheesecake Shoppe

Spearman Brewers Band 

The Graffiti Bridge Jewelry

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The Gulf Coast Kid's House sees some of the most egregious cases of child abuse in Escambia County and offers a safe environment for child abuse victims to provide recorded statements, undergo medical exams and mental therapy as well as prosecution of their claims.  

 Keith Weidner of Taylor, Warren & Weidner has served as a pro bono attorney of their Child Protection Team, is currently the GCKH Board Chair and is here to share with you all how you can help this important cause through donations and volunteer work.  Learn more about the Gulf Coast Kid's House and how you, too, can help support this important community cause at



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TWW had a fantastic time hosting “Scoops for Charity” during our local Pensacola Earth Day event, an ice cream donation booth where the attorneys and staff at TWW scooped ice cream cones for community members with all cone sales going toward local charities such as the Pensacola Hotel for Dogs and CatsBay Area Food Bank, and Pensacola Humane Society!


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TWW has proudly partnered with the Pensacola Fire Department to help create 15,000 fire safety magnets they will soon be handing out at local Escambia County events to help families keep their emergency contact info within reach to ensure a quick and effective response in case of an emergency, particularly a house fire.

The back of the magnet contains important fire safety tips, including fire prevention and how best to respond to a fire as well as making sure you and your family have a fire evacuation plan in place before a fire occurs.


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Meet our newest Legal Eagle, Emily Grover! Emily is a student at Montessori interning with Phil Hall and Taylor, Warren & Weidner as part of a school assignment to learn what it is like to be a lawyer. Phil has taken the time to bring Emily along to attend hearings before the court, meet some other attorneys, and watch many of our day-to-day activities and interactions as practicing lawyers and paralegals, as well as our staff. 

Emily is learning it's not always what it looks like on television or in the movies but that a lot of people depend on what we do everyday as lawyers. Thank you Emily and the teachers at Montessori for helping our children learn more about real-life professions helping people.


October, 2016

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