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Purchasers of an AvantaPure® Water Treatment System During In-Home Sale

Consumers in Florida have legal rights to protect them.  In-home water treatment sales are governed by Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, a state law enacted to protect consumers against fraudulent, deceptive, or unfair commercial practices. Under FDUTPA, anyone who is deceived by unfair or deceptive practices is entitled to file a claim for damages, which can include entitlement to attorney's fees.  If you were deceived into purchasing an AvantaPure® Water Treatment system as part of a high-pressure in-home sale, you have rights.  Contact us today to speak to one of our consumer protection attorneys about your rights.  There is no fee, cost, or obligation to learn about your rights.  

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Were You Deceived Into Purchasing an AvantaPure Water Treatment System?

We have become aware of consumers who purchased an AvantaPure Water Treatment system as part of a high-pressure in-home sale and the system has not performed as promised and has cost them more money than they initially agreed to.  Many consumers were deceived by high-pressure sales tactics and ended up making a very expensive purchase that they may have otherwise never purchased.  If you were deceived into making an AvantaPure Water Treatment purchase, know that you have rights, and options.  

Learn Your Rights

We want to explain your rights to you.  We never charge any fee or cost or require any obligation to talk with you about your AvantaPure Water Treatment purchase and make sure you understand your rights.  The Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act was enacted to protect consumers just like you.  Our experienced consumer protection attorneys know how to defend your rights as a consumer and pursue compensation if you have been the victim of unfair or deceptive trade practices. Contact us to learn more.

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We never charge any fee or cost for an initial consultation to explain your rights. If you’ve been injured in a car accident or have question about an insurance claim, contact us.