What can an unintentional mistake on your insurance application cost you?

Posted by Annie Dike | Mar 08, 2018 | 0 Comments

personal injury attorney talking to client about an error on his insurance application

Sometimes the entire insurance claim. Florida law provides insurance companies the right to deny otherwise legitimate claims because of innocent mistakes in insurance applications. In addition, most insurance policies contain a provision that allows the insurance company to completely deny your claim based on a “misrepresentation or concealment.” 

A simple mistake or misunderstanding on an insurance application such as whether the property will be “occupied” or whether any “business” is conducted at the property could be enough reason for your claim to be denied. Few people carefully review their insurance application when purchasing an insurance policy because the insurance agent typically completes the application for you. We strongly advise you review your insurance application very carefully (checking dates and facts) before signing any insurance application. If you are unsure about anything, leave that information blank or indicate “unknown.” A guess could cost you your insurance claim. 

After you file a claim, many insurance companies will often look for a mistake on your application (even if it was unintentional or has no relation to your claim), as a way to deny your otherwise legitimate claim. Florida law is very unforgiving and favorable to insurance companies when it comes to innocent mistakes in insurance applications, but the right to deny the claim is not absolute. We always recommend letting us or another attorney experienced in litigating these types of claims advise you of your legal rights. If you have questions about an insurance claim, give us a call.

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