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If you suffered damage from Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Michael and are still battling with your insurance company to recover fully on your property damage claim, here is how we can help.  As a result of Hurricane Dennis, our client lost her entire residence in Franklin County, Florida.  The loss was caused by both flood and wind.  She promptly notified her wind and flood carrier along with evidence of the damage to her home as required by her policies.  Her wind insurance carrier denied payment of benefits saying that all of the damage was attributed to flood rather than windstorm.  Even though Franklin County experienced the northeastern side of the eye wall, known to be where the heaviest winds of any major storm are located, the carrier paid $0 towards her losses. The client spent several years speaking with different adjusters employed by the wind carrier.  Each time she spoke with a new adjuster she thought that they would finally review the evidence and pay the claim.  Frustrated by the years of repeated denials and the inability to repair her home, she sought help from Phillip Warren with Taylor, Warren & Weidner.

helping hurricane victims with storm damage recover from the insurance company on their property damage claim

Why It Pays to Get Help From an Experienced Insurance Attorney

Mr. Warren immediately filed a lawsuit against the wind carrier for wrongfully denying the claim.  Shortly after Mr. Warren initiated litigation, he demonstrated that despite the significant flooding that a large portion of our client's home was destroyed by wind.  Trees smashed into her residence and there were numerous instances of flying debris, and wind-driven rain.  With expert engineering and meteorological reports, Mr. Warren was able to recover the insurance proceeds from the wind carrier without the need for trial.  In addition, the wind carrier also agreed to pay attorney's fees and costs associated with the need for litigation.  This client can finally move forward with attempting to rebuild her home.  If you suffered damage from Hurricane Michael or Hurricane Irma and are trying to handle your insurance claim on your own, contact us.  We never charge any fee or cost to review your claim and advise you of your rights.

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