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Car accident victim taking photo of car damage
“The palest ink is better than the best memory.”  Have you ever heard that old Chinese proverb?  It means a written record is usually considered to be far more accurate than a memory.  As soon as you file an insurance claim, the insurance company begins putting everything in ink.  They create a detailed “claims file” documenting phone calls with you, documents sent to and received from you, dates, names, etc.  If you are not doing the same (by relying on your memory about who you spoke to or what you provided when and to whom) and a dispute arises over the claim (which is common), the insurance company's claims file—whether accurate or not—may serve as a better record of what occurred or was said.  The lesson here?  Create your own claims file!  
     -  Take photos and video of your car and condition. 
     -  Document each adjuster's name and when you speak to them.
     -  Make a note of what was said or what documents were provided or requested.
     -  Keep a record of all photos, records, and documents sent to and received from the insurance company. 
     -  Save emails that are sent to or received from the insurance company.
     -  If you have questions about the status of your claim, write them down as you think of them so you will remember to ask them when you are communicating with the insurance company, and keep a record of the insurance company's responses to your questions.
Records like these will be a great asset to you later, over and above your memory.  If you are dealing with an insurance company and have questions about your claim, give us a call.  We never charge an initial fee or cost to review your policy and explain your rights.

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