Why Waiting Can Make Your Case Worse?

Posted by Annie Dike | Apr 02, 2018 | 0 Comments

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It's been three months since the accident.  You filed your claim with the insurance company and the adjuster has been very nice, promising to pay your medical bills, and politely asking for documents.  You shouldn't do anything but wait because you only want what is fair, right? 


What insurance companies typically do during this time is look for and gather evidence that they plan to later use to unfairly discount or even outright deny your claim.  The insurance company will usually have sent investigators out to talk to witnesses, get statements, inspect the accident scene, sneak around on your social media accounts, and sometimes even video you at home or work, running errands, trying to capture you doing something they can argue is inconsistent with your injuries from the accident.  Now six months have gone by, your medical bills are getting expensive for the insurance company, and the insurance company has now come up with a reason to deny your claim.  All while you have had NO ONE looking out for your best interest and gathering evidence that will help support YOUR case, and now a lot of helpful evidence may be lost.  Waiting for the insurance company to do what is “fair” can be a huge mistake.  Why take that risk?  Getting an experienced car accident lawyer involved early on will help make sure you have someone who is fighting for you and knows exactly how much the insurance company should pay you to be fair. 

If you've been waiting for an insurance company to treat you fairly, wait no longer.  We never charge an initial fee or cost to answer your questions about your claim and explain your rights.  Contact us.  (850) 438-4899

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