If You Cause an Accident, Will Your Insurance Company Be There For You?

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Car accident victims assessing damage

Many of us have been in a car accident.  Many of us have been at fault in an accident.  Sadly, with so many distractions at our fingertips these days in the form of smartphones, we can probably all admit to a near-miss or even an accident caused because we were looking at our phones while driving.  While we should all take steps to avoid these distractions, there is a reason they call it an “accident.”  Because you did not mean to cause it, and that is why you have insurance in place to cover you if and when you do, unfortunately, cause an accident. 

But what does the insurance company often do?  Force you, the policyholder, to spend years in litigation and go all the way to trial until a jury tells the insurance company what you already knew, i.e., that you caused the accident, albeit unintentionally, and that you are responsible for the damages.  That's why you bought an auto insurance policy.  That's why you paid your premiums.  But, when insurance companies refuse to pay for damages you caused, which they often do, they not only subject you to months of litigation, a potential lengthy deposition and having the finger pointed at you in trial.  In Florida, there can be no mention of insurance during an auto accident trial.  The blame is focused solely on you, as the defendant at-fault driver, and the judgment is rendered against you, even though you had insurance in place to cover you in this very scenario and it is the insurance company who will be responsible to pay the judgment.  This happens often and we see defendant at-fault drivers who are appalled by the lengths their insurance company will go to and what they are willing to subject you, the policyholder, to in an effort to avoid paying what you know is a legitimate claim.  Rather than holding up their end of the bargain by paying for damages you caused, they put you, the at-fault driver, up as their scapegoat while they continue to deny offer after offer to settle the case and make it all go away for you.  As attorneys experienced in litigating insurance claims, this is what we often see insurance companies do. 

Don't let this happen to you.  You have rights and the insurance company has an obligation to you.  If you caused an accident and you know there were damages, instruct your insurance company to settle and keep you advised of efforts to settle.  If your insurance company continues to stall, delay and deny on a claim you feel is legitimate, contact us.  We never charge an initial fee or cost to meet with you and explain your legal rights under the policy.  (850) 438-4899

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