Bicycling in Florida is Dangerous

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accident with a bicyclist and car insurance coverage for damages

According to a recent study commissioned by the Governor's Highway Safety Association, Florida had the nation's highest proportion of bicycle fatalities (7.4%) in 2015. At TWW, we want to help change this troubling statistic and improve the safety of our bicyclists in Florida. We see this first-hand in our practice often and know all too well the dangers our bicyclists in Florida face. Unfortunately, our roadways, crosswalks and traffic schemes are not as bicycle-friendly as they should be. Please be careful when driving next to bicyclists and keep a safe distance. At TWW, we handle many bicycle-vehicle accidents and are happy to sit down and meet with you or anyone you know who has been injured in a bicycling accident. Give us a call today at (850) 438-4899 or email us at [email protected].

According to the Governor's Report, between 2010 and 2012, six states – California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Michigan, and Texas – accounted for 54 percent of all bicyclist deaths in collisions with motor vehicles. California (338) and Florida (329) had the highest totals, as well as the largest increases (Florida, +37; California, +23) in bicyclists killed. In 2012, Florida had the highest proportion of motor vehicle related deaths that were bicyclists (5 percent), followed by California (4.3 percent) and Massachusetts (4.3 percent)

View or download the full Highway Safety Association's report here:

And, learn more about “Rights of the Road” and bicycling safety here:

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