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Jury Renders Justice for Small Business Damaged in the April 2014 Rainstorm

Posted by Annie Dike | Jul 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

attorneys at courthouse trying a property damage insurance case

After four years of being attacked by its own insurance company, which had promised to protect them, an Escambia County jury, following a two-week trial, delivered justice for our client, a small business that was devastated by the April 2014 rainstorm. We are incredibly grateful to our jurors, who sacrificed two weeks of their lives to sit through trial and listen to the evidence. Even though this small business paid its premiums to be protected in the face of a disaster, the insurance company, rather than keeping its promise, turned against them, and refused to pay a dime.

Once the TWW team gets some rest, we will share this incredible story with you, laying out the lengths this insurance company went to, not to protect their insured, but to attack. TWW attorneys, Phillip Warren and Keith Weidner, with paralegal, Tracy Hendrix, pictured here, put their heart and soul into helping this small business, along with the entire team at the TWW law firm who contributed. We were all honored to represent this small business and exhilarated that the jury saw right through the insurance company's nonsense. Even for folks like us who do this day in and day out, it is truly hard to believe, sometimes, what insurance companies will do to people. This is the reason we represent policyholders only, never insurance companies. If an insurance company is asking you for more records, more receipts, just one more statement, and you are unsure about your rights under the policy or the insurance company's commitment to pay, contact us. We know what to do. 

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