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How Long Do SSDI Appeals Take?

It Can Take Over One Year to Appeal an SSDI Denial

At Taylor, Warren, and Weidner, we know our clients are anxious to know the timeline for each step of the appeals process and how long, realistically, they may have to wait to begin receiving Social Security benefits if their denial is successfully appealed. While every case varies, there are some facts that can help you understand what all is involved in the appeals process and how long it may take. It is not uncommon for the entire process—from the date you file your application for SSDI to the date your appeal is successfully granted—to take well over a year if not more.

  • FIRST FOUR MONTHS: There are no deadlines for disability cases. However, the Social Security Administration will often say that it will take 90-120 days to process an initial application;
  • Different types of medical conditions make for easier decisions for disability.  More complicated conditions or more difficulty in proving your inability to work will have an impact on how long your appeal could take.
  • The type of judge your case is assigned to and his or her particular workload will impact your timeline. Some claims examiner or administrative law judges have a workload of three hundred cases or more at a time to work on.
  • TEN MONTHS OUT: If you choose to appeal an SSDI denial, most states require you first file a request for reconsideration with the state disability determination agency. On average reconsiderations are completed in four months of less, but some take six months of more.
  • TWENTY-TWO MONTHS OUT: A hearing is then requested before an administrative law judge and is generally scheduled anywhere from nine months to sometimes over a year after the request was made.

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