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Acceptable Medical Excuses for Not Following Prescribed Therapy

To help improve your entitled to Social Security or Disability benefits, you should always follow Prescribed Medical Therapy and Treatment. If you are being treated by a doctor, but fail to follow the doctor's prescribed therapy when you have the ability to do so, you can be denied disability benefits. However, the SSA recognizes certain legitimate excuses for failing to follow prescribed therapy:

Acceptable medical excuses for not following prescribed therapy:

  • You have a mental illness so severe that you cannot comply with prescribed therapy.
  • You have cataracts from diabetes that prevent you from being able to accurately measure your insulin dose.
  • You have below-normal intelligence that makes you unable to complete required therapy.
  • You physically cannot follow prescribed therapy without assistance—for example, because of paralysis of the arms.
  • You have a fear of surgery so intense that surgery would not be appropriate. Your treating doctor must confirm the severity of your fear to the DDS consulting doctor.

Acceptable non-medical excuses for not following prescribed therapy:

  • You don't have the money to pay for treatment.
  • Your religious beliefs prohibit you from receiving medical therapy.
  • Your doctor prescribes incorrect treatment.
  • You don't have a treating doctor.

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