Bike versus car accidents can be serious for the biker. With little more to protect them than a helmet, a bicyclist has a greater chance of serious injury when hit by a car.

Two of the most common types of bike versus car accidents are:

1.  The left-hand turn, when a vehicle turns left into the path of a cyclist going the opposite way (most often the driver never saw the cyclist until it was too late); and

2. The right hook, where a vehicle passes a cyclist riding in a bike lane or on the right shoulder going the same direction, then at the corner the driver makes a right turn into the cyclist’s path.

Less common accidents include a driver opening a car doors into a cyclist’s path, or a rear-ending accident where the car is driven into the back of a cyclist’s wheel.

If you are involved in a bike accident, the first thing to do is call the police, even if you think it’s a mild accident. Filing a police report can protect you and you may need to file an insurance claim later. No matter what the other party says, do not agree to just handle it on your own without reporting it to the police or the insurance company.  You will have a tough time explaining yourself if the once very persuasive party changes his or her story around making you look like the at fault party. Get witness information, including names, phone numbers and addresses.

If you are the driver, don’t admit fault and if you are the cyclist, don’t minimize your injuries. There may be internal damage, and adrenaline can mask injuries and pain. Get checked out by a physician.

If you are the cyclist and the driver is at fault, his or her insurance should cover the damage to you bike. You’ll need to take the bike to a bike shop and get it inspected with a written estimate of repair. It may be easier to have the bike considered a total loss if the bike is no longer safe to ride.

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