Did you know that there are more than 2.3 million applications for disability benefits filed each year and that 12 percent of people in the United States are considered disabled? Most people have no idea that the number was so high. The cost of providing disability benefits is staggering and one reason the issue is so polarized is politics.

At Taylor, Warren, and Weidner, we’ve broken down some of the numbers behind what happens after your initial claim is filed with the Social Security Administration:

§     69 percent go through the initial phase for consideration (approximately 1,608,524)

§     31 percent (714,778) are given a “technical denial”

§     31 percent (714,778) are given a “technical denial”

§     37.9 percent are awarded benefits (609,498)

§     62.1 percent of applications are denied (999,026)

§     48 percent of denial go on to appeal (477,967)

§     9.7 percent of appeals are approved (46,232)

§     90.3 percent of appeals are denied (431,735)

§     18 percent continue with the appeal (77,349) to a hearing with the administrative law judge, then next to the appeals council and next to federal court

§     81.4 percent of claimants who continue their appeal are approved for benefits (62,986); 18.6 percent are denied (77,359)

Once a claim for benefits has been approved, the claimant can begin receiving benefits six months after the date the SSA determined the disability began. The claimantmay also file a claim to receive “back pay” for the benefits lost during the five-month waiting period.

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