Head injuries last longer than football careers, and the NFL’s recent acknowledgment of that fact might help Social Security clients who suffer from concussions or other head trauma. The NFL agreed to settle concussion-based claims for $765 million dollars based, in part, on the fact that head trauma can cause life-long damage, damage which has been linked to memory loss, depression, and a host of other serious degenerative brain diseases..

Concussions, like those at the heart of the NFL, are not merely limited to football players. Social Security clients are often disabled from concussions or other head trauma they received in car and truck wrecks or construction site injuries. Taylor, Warren & Weidner has long advocated on behalf of Social Security clients, and it is their hope that the studies and research that flow from the NFL settlement will help them more effectively demonstrate their clients’ claims.

“A lot of times we see judges who think that a car wreck concussion or a work-site related head injury is a sort of ‘single event’ injury,” says Stephanie Taylor who has been handling Social Security claims for nearly twenty years. One medical dictionary, Medlexicon, defines a “concussion” as

“An injury of a soft structure, as the brain, resulting from a blow or violent shaking.”

Taylor says that “these sorts of definitions tend to frame the injury as a single event injury, but the NFL studies promise to give us a better picture of how these injuries present themselves over time.” Recent research indicates that even after the symptoms appear to be gone, the brain is still not 100% normal. Damage can literally last decades after the original brain trauma, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

As advocates for people whose injuries keep them out of the workplace, the attorneys at Taylor, Warren & Weidner, PA, have considerable successful experience in representing people who suffer from a variety of long-term conditions in Social Security disability cases. In order to discuss your particular situation with one of our lawyers, feel free to call Taylor Warren & Weidner, PA at 866-483-4899 for a free consultation or visit our website at www.twwlawfirm.com. We look forward to discussing your personal predicament and, if necessary, consultation with your physicians to evaluate whether you may have a viable claim as a result of old concussions or other injuries.

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