You walk in to grocery store in Milton or Pace and remember you need to get some vegetables from the produce section of the supermarket.   You look ahead to see where the particular vegetable you need is located.  As you move towards that location, you slip on some water that was on the floor and fall backward, legs flying up in the air.  You feel a muscle spasm in your back, and you land like a crime-scene chalk drawing and hurt your neck.

You leave your apartment on the third floor of your Pensacola residential building.  You wonder why it is so dark in the hallway.  Before you get to the stairwell to go downstairs, you feel someone pull you away from that area.  The next thing you know a sharp blade strafes across your neck.   You feel a cut below your face, and then, before you can even let out a scream, you get hit over the head by a blunt object.  When you regain consciousness, you notice your purse is gone.

You try to make it over to the other side of Pensacola where you plan to meet with a commercial real estate agent at some construction site.  When you arrive at the site, access is unfettered and you start to go over to the area where you observe an office trailer.  As you proceed,  a top of a crane that is moving laterally over the site unexpectedly, loses its load and a group of heavy construction materials falls on you as you walk causing you to sustain many broken bones and other injuries.

What do each of these incidents have in common?   They all are examples of potential premises liability.  In other words, the people or companies that own or have control over the area in which you are injured may be liable for the damages that result from these situations.  In each of these instances, the issue of whether a landlord, store owner or site manager is liable to you for your injuries and other consequences requires careful legal analysis.

The attorneys at Taylor, Warren & Weidner, PA possess the requisite knowledge and experience to evaluate the facts and to apply the complex Florida law to those facts.    These types of cases can be very fact-specific. Often the result depends on what knowledge the owners and controllers of these different properties had before you were injured and what types of precautions they made for you to travel around these properties.   No easy, quick answer can determine if you have a case, but a free, detailed consultation is always available with Taylor, Warren & Weidner, PA. Just call (866) 483-4899 or go to the Florida firm’s website at to begin the process of finding out if you are entitled to compensation for these injuries.

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