When you get into an automobile accident in the Gulf Breeze, Pensacola or Milton area, your primary concern should be getting healthy after the crash. You will likely own many cars over time but you will only ever get just one body.  More so than getting your car fixed – if the accident occurs in your car, motorcycle, SUV or truck – recovering physically from an accident should be your first concern.

Getting in a wreck on a Florida street or highway will involve many different types of insurance coverages. The last thing you want to concern yourself with is the complicated ins and outs of whose insurance should pay, what coverages pays for what, and whose insurance information you should give to the hospital or doctor. The new laws in Florida governing personal injury protection (PIP) insurance are set up so that the DIY’s (Do It Yourself) will lose valuable benefits if they make a mistake or if they don’t act timely.

After a car crash, some of the issues which must be addressed are:

  1. Which party’s insurance company is responsible for the property damage?
  2. When does the responsible party’s insurance company start paying for your medical bills and lost wages?
  3. Are there other unknown people who may have insurance which provides you protection?
  4. How do you find out who has what coverage?
  5. Should your medical insurance pay for your injuries, or should your own auto insurance company pay (even though you were hurt because of someone else’s carelessness)?
  6. What happens if the driver who hurt you does not have insurance to cover your injuries or any insurance at all?
  7. How much time do you have following a car wreck to seek medical care?

Unless you understand the interplay between PIP, Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist Coverage and health insurance, you should not go it alone.  For this reason you should employ the services of a lawyer to represent you.  That lawyer should be experienced with motor vehicle accidents resulting in serious personal injuries. Having experienced counsel to navigate these dangerous “insurance” waters is essential.

The lawyers at Taylor, Warren & Weidner, PA know how to analyze which insurance should apply, when those coverages should start, and how to find all insurance that may provide you benefits. The Taylor, Warren & Weidner, PA lawyers know how to obtain fair compensation for victims of an automobile, motorcycle, or truck accident.  Call Taylor Warren & Weidner, PA at 866-483-4899 or visit our website at www.twwlawfirm.com. With a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, you will understand your legal rights.

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