The complicated nature of ERISA appeals needs an experienced profession team such as the attorneys at Taylor, Warren, and Weidner, P.A. At the outset of a disability claim, insurance companies would rather deny than pay, and many people upon receiving the notice of denial believe they can handle the appeal themselves. Appeals are rarely successful without an experienced legal team backed by proven results.

ERISA litigation is complex, and not every attorney is equipped with the intricate knowledge needed to handle a claim. A disability appeal must take into consideration plan benefits, fiduciaries, and plan sponsors, something a layperson shouldn’t sort through alone. Defending these cases effectively and efficiently requires a team of skilled litigators and trial attorneys with the substantive expertise in ERISA.

The professionals at Taylor, Warren, and Weidner are recognized leaders in the field of ERISA & employee benefits litigation who assist clients with cases from start to finish in aggressive pursuit of the disability benefits due to them. Give us a call. Let us take the lead in getting the benefits you deserve.

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Taylor, Warren, and Weidner is committed to giving individuals dealing with injuries, or facing life-threatening or lifestyle-challenging situations, a voice. Call us today at 866-483-4899 or email us at to receive the personal professional attention you deserve.



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