Are You Looking for the Best Attorneys in Pensacola? Well We Have 3 of the Best Attorneys of America

Our attorneys, Stephanie Taylor, Phillip Warren, and Keith Weidner, have all been chosen as Lifetime Charter Members of “Rue Ratings Best Attorneys of America.” Not only do we have three of the best lawyers in Penasacola, we have three of the best lawyers in America. Selection to “Best Attorneys of America” is based on a […]

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5 Pensacola Truck Accident Prevention Tips

Pensacola truck accidents may be rare, but they can be very dangerous. Sharing the road with such large vehicles means that drivers need to take extra care to avoid accidents and protect themselves. Throughout Pensacola, truck accidents are rare, but they are an everyday risk for passenger car drivers. As the city connecting the 110 […]

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers Fight For Victims

Pensacola has some world-class physicians and hospitals. But medical malpractice lawyers will tell you that accidents do happen. Do you need a medical malpractice attorney?  Here are four things you should know. According to Florida Statutes, medical negligence is defined as a breach of “the prevailing professional standard of care.” The prevailing standard of care […]

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8 Rules to Keep Your Pensacola Teen Driver Safe

Letting your Pensacola teen driver behind the wheel is a necessary, but scary rite of passage. According to the Centers for Disease Control, six teens are killed every day in car crashes. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. The statistics are sobering, but parents can play a key role […]

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