When you need a personal injury lawyer in the Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and Milton area, picking a random name out of the phone book may not get you the results you want and need. Doing a little investigation, maybe an internet search or two and asking around can help you narrow down your search, but what should you be asking? What searches do you need to do? And where do you start?

Keep the following points in mind when looking for a personal injury lawyer in Pensacola Gulf Breeze and Milton area:

  1. Recognized legal sites like Martindale HubbellAvvo and Super Lawyers offer attorney rankings, reputation and specialties, which can help you narrow your choices.
  2. Check out the attorney’s specialty and experience in personal injury. You’ll want an attorney that specializes in personal injury. When you contact the attorney, ask if he or she has handled similar claims.
  3. Previous outcomes in similar cases. You need a general idea of whether your personal injury lawyer’s cases have ended in settlements or trials, and also an idea of the plaintiffs’ awards. Some of this information is also available on the attorney’s website. Some attorneys are comfortable with smaller outcomes; some are only interested in larger size cases. At Taylor, Warren, and Weidner we handle cases from the simple to the complex, from the large to the small.
  4. The complexity of your case. If your case is fairly simple, you may be able to hire a less experienced attorney who needs the work, but if your case is complicated, you’ll need a more experienced lawyer. Our firm recently handled a case involving civil rights violations and local, state and federal law enforcement; we’re comfortable with simple and very complex cases
  5. Your instincts. There is no substitute for your initial instincts. You’ll know that you’ve found the right lawyer and feel confident he or she will do the best job for you. Trust your gut feeling.

Getting Legal Help

Taylor, Warren, and Weidner, P.A. is committed to giving individuals dealing with injuries, or facing life-threatening or lifestyle-challenging situations, a voice. Call us today at 866-483-4899 or email us at kweidner@twwlawfirm.com to receive the personal professional attention you deserve.






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